Call for entries

The second edition of the festival is opening the submission for the animated films from January 17th to April 30th 2022.

Animist Tallinn is holding an international competition in two categories – Best Animated Short and Best Student Animated Short

Submit your film via entry form below. The submission process is free of charge.

Animist Tallinn submission regulations 2022

1. The festival
Animist Tallinn, International Animation Festival (hereinafter the ’Festival’) is an animation festival organized by MTÜ Animist Tallinn.
The 2nd Animist Tallinn will take place in Tallinn from 17 – 20 August, 2022.

2. Competition categories
Animist Tallinn is holding a competition in following categories:
a) Best Animated Short (The international competition of short animated films);
b) Best Student Animated Short (The international competition of student short animated films).

3. Terms and conditions for participation
The competitions are open to films created in any animation technique. Only animated films completed after January 1, 2020 may be submitted to participate in the Festival competitions. The duration must not exceed 30 minutes of the total running time. Only completed animated films will be taken into consideration in the preselection process.
All films selected for competitive and non-competitive sections will be screened without entitlement to screening fees.

4. Submission
The submission process is free of charge.
Owners of screening rights (hereinafter the “submitters”) may submit their films to the 2nd edition of Animist Tallinn until April 30, 2022 for all the international competitions.
If a submitter does not provide an online screening link of a submitted film, they will be disqualified from the selection process.
The Festival committee reserves the right to select submitted films for both competitive and non-competitive sections. 
All entrants will be notified about the preselection results by June 13, 2022 at the latest.

5. Screening copies
A screening copy must be provided of the animated films that are selected. The selected films will be screened in DCP.
All films selected for all the Festival sections are screened in the original language and must be provided with English subtitles if they are in a language other than English.
Final date for receipt of screening copies for the Festival is July 10, 2022.
Submitters are obliged to follow the instructions for the delivery of copies of selected films. The instructions will be enclosed in a letter confirming a film’s selection for the program. Submitters will send copies of the selected films in the requested format immediately after receiving detailed instructions from the Festival organisers. 

6. Jury and awards
International juries will be composed of prominent representatives of culture, film theory, and film journalism, as well as filmmakers and producers. There will be one international jury for all competitive categories. 
No member of the jury may have been involved in the production or distribution of an animated film which they have to evaluate. A jury comes to its decision according to the criteria upon which they all agree. A jury announces results at the final ceremony. A jury may award special mentions. The prize money is disbursed to the director of the film.
The following prizes are awarded: 
a) Best Animated Short
Supported by Tallinn City
Cash prize: 3 000 euros
b) Best Student Animated Short
Supported by Estonian Academy of Arts
Cash prize: 500 euros

7. Guest invitations
The director whose film is selected for the programme either competitive or non-competitive will receive an accreditation for the festival free of charge. Hospitality terms for invited guests of the Festival shall be arranged individually, and specified in their personal invitations by email.

8. Rights, obligations and responsibilities
a) Each applicant declares to be the author or rights owner of the submitted film(s) and to own all literary, dramatic and musical rights.
b) No selected film can be withdrawn from the Festival program after its participation has been officially confirmed by the submitter.
c) By sending entry forms, submitters give Animist Tallinn the right to use 20% of a film with a maximum length of 1 minute from the selected film to promote the Festival in any media. 
d) During the Festival, clips of selected films will be screened at the festival venue, in TV spots promoting Animist Tallinn, on the website of the Festival, on social media platforms and in multimedia presentations during the festival.
e) Animist Tallinn reserves the right to use film stills in promotional materials (festival catalogue, festival journal, leaflets, posters, billboards, website, and multimedia presentations), and provide them to the media for the purpose of spreading information about the Festival.
f) Screening copies sent for competition will not be returned, such copies become part of the Festival’s archive.

9. Contact
Liisa Taul
Programme Coordinator

10. Acceptance of terms
The sending of a completed entry form and an online screening link constitutes a submitter’s full acceptance of the Festival’s rules and regulations.

Entry form

Submit your film via submission link below. Submission will be open until April 30, 2022.
Regarding any questions about the submission process, please contact