The most surreal party of the festival Animist Tallinn. The possibility to make yourself glowing face and body paintings with UV colors and dance yourself out of breath. Upstairs in the hall you can see the night cinema program “Surreality”, the authors of the films will also be present.

Käärkäsi aka Sizors is a multifaceted producer whose scope extends from triphop to drum and bass. Inspired by movies and music lost in oblivion, he chops up songs with a new color from the good old lines. Although there are also solo drum and bass tracks, he mainly collaborates in this genre with Audioholic, with whom the project Audiokäärid has been created (since 2009). As a result of the collaboration, energetic party bangers with jazz and funky sounds are created.

Just like his creations, Käärkäsi himself is a diverse figure in the drum and bass landscape – as one of the founding members of the record label KLDR, he published the Estonian drum and bass compilations Keldrist Kõlab Trummi ja Bassi (3 in total). In addition, he has organized several drum and bass events (including through the web -JazzTv 2010) and is also currently one of the leaders of Bass Night and Labyrinth. Apart from KLDR, his songs have also been published by Lejal Globe and ADM. He has had numerous performances both here and on the other side of the Estonian border.

Greg is a DJ and producer from Tallinn. He has been spinning discs for just over a year, but no matter the covid times, he has gained more than enough experience this year. He likes to experiment with different styles of music and therefore has played in many different venues. His music selection includes everything from house, disco and electro to breakbeat, different drum and bass and jungle. Diversity enriches!