If last year was the trial stone, the beta version of Animist, the international animation festival – this year it’s all about alfa.

Our baby is going on its second round around the sun and is ready to dance its feet off – maybe a bit too soon for a newborn to have so much feetless fun, but in animation – everything is allowed.

Animation has the ability to break the time and bend the reality into wobbly elephants sinking through the Earth and that’s exactly how you can end up on this afterparty – and it’s totally okay! Maybe you’ll be an inspiration for someones next animation!

Bars inside and outside!

Free entrance until midnight! Midnight wolves can pay 5€ for entering.

The great Intenso will sweep you through the midnight from 22 to 01:00 with her selection of the very best sounds.

Janet Kljuzin and Marleen Pärn will take it from there and carry you until 03:00