August 17
Cinema Sõprus
Vana-Posti 8
Length 65 min

Untold stories live in the shadows of our memories. By shedding light on these forgotten narratives, we find a connection to our past, from which comes strength and understanding. In this way, we create a complete self-image that shapes our future destiny.

The Record

Director: Jonathan Laskar
Year: 2022
Length: 8:38
Country: Switzerland
Production: Punched paper films

An antique music instrument dealer receives a magical vinyl record from a traveller: “It reads your mind and plays your lost memories”. Obsessed by this endless record, the antique dealer listens to it again and again and the forgotten memories of his childhood reemerge.

The Family Portrait

Director: Lea Vidakovic
Year: 2023
Length: 14:35
Country: Croatia, France, Serbia
Production: Adriatic Animation, Vivement Lundi!, Biberche Productions

“Every family has its own set of circumstances and problems that only its members can fully understand” – Daisaku Ikeda.

As Austria-Hungary teeters on collapse, Andras and his daughter are taken aback by the visit from Andras’ unpredictable brother, Zoltan, who comes accompanied by his large family.

Love Me True

Director: Inés Sedan
Year: 2023
Length: 7:40
Country: France
Production: Lardux Films

Laurence is desperately looking for love. Advised by a friend, she connects to online dating sites to find her soulmate. She becomes addicted to her phone and addicted to a toxic man.

All Is Lost

Director: Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto
Year: 2022
Length: 7:00
Country: Spain
Production: Mammut Films, Mansalva Films, Inaudita

The Pérez family are an almost normal family, although their behaviour is somewhat dysfunctional. The couple plans to fertilize an egg she laid last night.

The Angst and the Bliss

Director: Mangoosta (Lucia Malerba and Niccolò Manzolini)
Year: 2022
Length: 15:00
Country: Italy, France
Production: Bo Film, Kilowatt, Ikki Films, Innervision

On the night of the 14th of July 1933, the writer Raymond Roussel closes the door of his room at the Hotel Des Palmes in Palermo. He swallows pills, drags the mattress to the centre of the room and lies down on it. The next morning his companion, accompanied by a valet, finds his corpse. But is he really dead? Or did he cross a border that he considered unacceptable, the border between reality and imagination?

The Garbage Man

Director: Laura Gonçalves
Year: 2022
Length: 11:50
Country: Portugal
Production: Rodrigo Areias – Bando à Parte

On a hot August afternoon, the family gathered at the table to remember uncle Botão: the Colonial War and emigration to France, where he lived and worked for thirty years as a garbage man. Memories of each are crossed to tell the story of a man who lived a hard life through humour and fantasy, like when he returned to Belmonte, in a van full of trash, that turned into a real treasure.