Animation Meets Anthropology: In Praise of Documentary Art
Carlo Cubero
Tallinn Anthropology

The curatorial line of the film festival “Animist Tallinn” will focus on the connections between animation cinema and other fields of research. The idea is to create a space where animators can get feedback from outside of their usual network. The goal is to promote a trans-disciplinary network that values animation as an art form and its contributions to discussions on the creative process, the politics of art, technology, and questions of representation. 

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Carlo A. Cubero, PhD
Department of Social & Cultural Anthropology
Programme curator

I hold a PhD in Social Anthropology using Visual Media from the University of Manchester, where I specialised in the contemporary Caribbean and Visual Anthropology. I am currently Associate Professor of Anthropology at Tallinn University where I lecture and coordinate the graduate programme in Social Anthropology and the Audiovisual Ethnography track in Social Anthropology.

Andrew Irving
Main guest

Andrew Irving is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Manchester. His research areas include sensory perception, time, death, urban anthropology and experimental methods. Recent books include The Art of Life and Death: Radical Aesthetics and Ethnographic Practice (2017); Anthropology and Futures: Researching Emerging and Uncertain Worlds (2017); Beyond Text? Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology, (2016). Recent film and multi-media works include The Man Who Almost Killed Himself (BBC), Wandering Scholars: Or How to Get in Touch with Strangers (Österreichisches Museum für Volkskunde).

Estonian Academy of Arts

19.08.2021 12:00 Journey to the Maggot Feeder
19.08.2021 13:30 Animated Anthropology
19.08.2021 16:00 Andrew Irving keynote: All the World’s a Stage: Adventures in Image and Sound
20.08.2021 13:00 Everyday Adventures in Anthropology
20.08.2021 14:45 The creative process of the film “The Tower”
21.08.2021 15:00 “See The Wind” or observation, documentation and representation of the creative process

Kai Art Centre

20.08.2021 20:00 The Tower
21.08.2021 18:30 Walking on Water